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bo en - miss you

taking my time with you
it’s all I will do
so i’ll always say
これから一所懸命頑張ります (I’ll desperately do my best now)

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im gonna watch an episode of my little pony

i learnt that bullying is wrong and you should make friends with people based on their personality rather than looks how the fuck are people sexualising this show like what the fuckity doo

the ponies are hot, dumb ass -_-


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Neuschwanstein Castle Schwangau, Germany

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Austria-based photographer Nicholas Roemmelt captures brilliantly clear photos of the surrounding landscape beneath the night sky.

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2,000 dollar bird warmer.

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did you kno that 10 million pounds of maple syrup was stolen from quebec

10 million pounds

1/3 of the government’s reserve

like. how do you even steal 10 million pounds of maple syrup. where do you hide it. what would you even do with it

why does the canadian government have a maple syrup reserve 

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